President The Card Game

The President game was collaboratively developed by me and three other individuals using the Android Studio platform. Within the game, four participants can engage, with two being human players and two acting as artificial intelligence opponents. The ultimate aim of this exciting game is to strategically play your cards in order to be the first to empty your hand, thus securing the esteemed title of President. Languages: Java, XML

15 Squares Puzzle

The 15 squares game was developed by me using the IDE Intelli J. The game is single player and the objective is to set the nummbers in the correct order. Languages: Java, XMl

Music Player

The Music Players was developed by me using the IDE Blue Jay. With this innovative program, users can engage by pressing specific buttons on their keyboard, and the corresponding musical notes will be showcased on the screen, perfectly aligned on a scale. Once the user has finished pressing the desired buttons, they can hit the play button, and the program will skillfully reproduce the notes they selected, resulting in a delightful musical composition.

Photo Editor

The Photo Edittor was devloped by me and other using the IDE Blue Jay. I have created several image filters, each with its own unique effect. The first one is the "Demosaic" filter, which replicates the given image. The second filter is called "Slime," which transforms the image into a grayscale representation with a green tint. The third filter is the "Scary Blue" filter, where the intensities of each pixel are identified and replaced with varying shades of blue, reflecting the corresponding intensity. Lastly, the "Negative" filter produces a negative image effect.